The Digital Tool for Occupational Safety

The indispensable digital tool of the future for managing people, work equipment, organising your occupational health and safety in a legally compliant manner.

 Your Advantages at a Glance

A comprehensive solution for the occupational & health safety of your team.

All qualifications are updated and mobile accessible. Results are automatically documented and avoid time-consuming typing!

SafetyGO is Made-to-Measure for

Corporates, Training Centers Trainers and Individuals.

SafetyGO is agile and ready to use for any requirements in occupational health & safety.


Trainers can concentrate on their vital job – training! Time consuming documentation and typing and manual forwarding of information to other departments - no longer necessary. Qualification schemes can be planned strategically and thus implemented effectively in terms of cost, time and result. When using external companies, in projects or on your company premises, SafetyGO supports you in fulfilling your legal obligations.


Planning and implementation of training courses becomes easier and faster. The overviews in SafetyGO allow you to schedule upcoming qualifications accurately. Such a service pays off - regardless of whether it is for colleagues, customers or independent trainers. SafetyGO's e-learning modules are technically well-founded. This enables you to act in subject areas outside of your own core-competence, strengthen your position and retain customers.


Support their members on all important and relevant topics related to occupational safety. Legally compliant administration, effective overviews and digitization (work safety 4.0) are important aspects for functional cooperation in the network.


Keep you personal occupational safety status under control and updated. Access your records on any mobile device when you need to provide proof or during inspections. Complete selected training courses conveniently via e-learning.

Qualifications always up to date

A review indicates qualifications that are due or have expired.

In addition, SafetyGO reminds you of relevant deadlines.

Corresponding selection fields enable precise personnel planning for upcoming projects.

Occupational safety courses and training can be planned strategically and scheduled during less busier times.

Worldwide mobile access

Certificate not with the operator ➔ doesn´t happen anymore.

Personal certificates can be viewed on any mobile device.

Even the comprehensive safety logbook can be accessed on the go.

Documentation automatically & legally compliant

Whether classroom training or e-learning.

Company-specific or available system-wide

All measures are automatically documented and stored for the respective user.

Structure, legal compliance and generation of certificates at the push of a button.

Occupational health & safety 4.0

An extensive and continually expanding range of e-learning courses can be used with SafetyGO. Saves time and money, designed by certified trainers and based on the current DGUV guidelines.

Via the Safety Tracking option, you ensure occupational safety even before a machine is activated. Only operators with valid qualifications obtain access to start machines.

The management of external companies enables easy management on construction sites and safeguards your obligations when external parties are deployed.

Digitized Solution for Everyone

Thanks to SafetyGO, your documentation and organization in occupational safety will in future work without piles of paper, paperwork, printouts, booklets or check cards. All important information can be retrieved digitally, evaluated and updated in seconds.

 The SafetyGO World


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No software installation required. We support you with the basic setup and your individual user hierarchy.

What exactly is SafetyGo?

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 The SafetyGO - Team 

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 Customers´ Voices 


Schwenk Training GmbH

„Wir nutzen SafetyGO um noch mehr Kundenservice anbieten zu können. Mit dem Programm können wir unsere Geschäftspartnerinnen und Geschäftspartner jederzeit an anstehende Unterweisungen, Lehrgänge oder Prüfungen erinnern, die wir in das Tool einbinden können.“

Rupert Martin, Geschäftsführer


TBG Transportberater GmbH & Co. KG

„Der Vorteil des Online-Programms ist die einfache Handhabung, sowohl bei der Anwendung des Tracking-Pools als auch bei der Dokumentation von Nachweisen. Als Akademie verwalten wir über SafetyGO die entsprechenden Mitarbeiterdaten unserer Kunden, die wir damit jederzeit gemäß den Vorschriften der Berufsgenossenschaften über aktuell anstehende Schulungen informieren können.“

Sven Schimikowski, Geschäftsführer


Donaubad Ulm/Neu-Ulm GmbH

Mit SafetyGO können wir die Digitalisierung optimal vorantreiben. Durch die Einpflege der relevanten Maßnahmen werden Fristen wie zum Beispiel bei arbeitsmedizinischen Untersuchungen und Wiederholungsunterweisungen fristgerecht angezeigt. Die App bietet eine übersichtliche Dokumentation für das Unternehmen und für den einzelnen Mitarbeiter.

Berrin Kapan, Personalreferentin und Büromanagement

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